Celebrating the summer

We are a place where not only you can have the best breakfast and lunch in town on a beautiful lakefront casual environment. 

From fundraising events to themed dinners and cultural events, the summer will be filled with special occasions. 

June 8 - Apple Valley Book Launch at the Lake Country Museum. The cafe will join the launch with a special weekend menu around apples and produce from the Okanagan Valley. 

June 22 The Lake Country Museum and Archives launches the exhibit "Steeped in our Traditions" explaining the history of Japanese and Chinese traditions.

Later, a tea ceremony will be held at the OK Patio Cafe (adjacent to Lake Country Museum). It will demonstrate how a traditional tea ceremony is executed. The steeped tea will be served to guests along with Asian inspired food and desserts.

Your ticket includes entry to the Lake Country Museum to see the Japanese Exhibition, a unique experience of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony with high quality Asian tea to drink, and Asian inspired tea sandwiches and desserts. Limited tickets.